Welcome! My name is Jade and I’m here to help you with your business!

If you feel overwhelmed trying to run your business by yourself, you are in the right place!

When I first started my own business, I was incredibly overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to create my website, drive people to it, and set up my Facebook page.

Since then, new social media platforms have popped up, each with their own unique twist and algorithm. How is anyone supposed to keep up on their own?

The answer is, you don’t! It took me years to finally be willing to hire someone to help me. However, after a conversation with a friend at a conference, she told me that I needed to stick to my wheelhouse and stop trying to do everything.

Now I am offering you the same advice. If you feel confused about hashtags, reels, tagging, and more, stop worrying and let me handle it for you!

Some of my favorite things